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The Cleanest Village in Bali, Penglipuran Village.

Penglipuran is one of the traditional villages in Bali, which is located in Kelurahan Kubu, Bangli. It will take about 1 hour 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

The History of Penglipuran Village

According to the local people in the village, word “Penglipuran” taken from word “Pengeling Pura” which is mean memory of the ancestors. The local people in Penglipuran village are very respect with their ancestors.

The characteristic of the village is the traditional architecture which have same shape especially the roof and also the placement of the room.

The function is to make the relationship between the villager closer, not only between the locals but also become closer with nature.
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In General

This village had been awarded the Kalpataru by the government. Kalpataru itself is an award that given for individual or group for the contribution in preserving the environment in Indonesia.

Instead of Kalpataru, Penglipuran village also received a tittle as an official tourist destination by the Bangli District Government in 1955.

Since that, many tourists come to the village. In Penglipuran village, the villager always care to each other, kind, and work together, that atmosphere makes who come to the village feel really comfortable.

The uniqueness of the village is, the villager always keep their village clean, that is why this village become the cleanest village in Bali and also one of the cleanest village in the world.

The North side of the village, there is Penataran Temple and the location in higher than the other building.

The interesting things that you will find in Penglipuran Village :

The Rules

Instead of being respectful of each other, this village also really respect the women. There are rules that forbids men to marry more than one woman or polygamy.

If a man caught doing that, he would be ostracized by the villager. This village also has a rule for thief. If they were caught, they have to make offerings that contain five chickens in different colour in four temples of their ancestors. In this way, all the villagers will know who is stealing and of course the thieves will feel shame of what they have done. That is the general information about Penglipuran village.


In Penglipuran village there is one special dance, Baris Dance. Baris Dance rarely displayed and only presented when the sacred ceremony held in the village. The dance will be accompanied by sacred gamelan and played by Sekaa Gong Gede Desa Adat Penglipuran (it is a special group for playing the gamelan).

Ngaben Ceremony

Actually the funeral tradition in Penglipuran is same like the other village in Bali, but the difference here is if most of the village burnt the corps, in Penglipuran they buried the corps.

According to our analyzed, this tradition is for a respect and also a way to decrease the bad possibilities because the area of Penglipuran is near by the mountain area, far from the sea. As we know, the ashes that have been burnt should be discarded into the ocean, and in Balinese tradition keeping the corps is a forbidden thing so the best solution is buried.

What you can find in Penglipuran Village?

Tugu Pahlawan (Hero Monument)

This monument was built in 1959 to commemorate the Revolutionary War in Bangli that led by Captain Anak Agung Anom Muditha which is located on the southern area of Penglipuran village. The monument is about 1.5 hectares with Balinese style building with a hall called Cura Yudha, it is a place for certain activities and also the parking area. Tugu Pahlawan in Penglipuran become a symbol of Captain Anak Agung Anom Muditha that fall against the Dutch on 20th November 1947. The entire monument is manage by the local people of the village.

Bamboo Forest

The area of the village is about 112 hectares, and 40% of the village is a bamboo forest. The village inhabited by about 226 families who mostly work as farmers, artisan’s bamboo, and animal husbandry.

The bamboo area is really large, but not all the villager can cut down the bamboo. They have to ask for the permission from the head of the village. Every six months, they will cut the bamboo and the plant the new one.

Usually they cut the old bamboo and use it for the benefit of the village such as to build some temples, the roof of the houses, to build bale banjar (it is a place to gather in Bali).

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