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10 Tourism Objects in Jembrana Bali

1. Perancak Beach

First of the list in Perancak Beach. Local people in Jembrana usually use this beach to held Sampan Dayung Competition. This traditional competition is usually done as a series of Indonesian Anniversary. In Perancak Beach, there is also a place for the preservation sea turtles called “Kurma Asih”, because the climate of the beach is suitable for the turtle. From various sources, there were local and foreign tourist who visit Perancak Beach reached almost 2.684 people per year. 
Perancak Beach
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2. Rambut Siwi Beach

Rambut Siwi Beach located in Yehembang Village, Mendoyo District is one of the famous places in Jembrana. In this beach, there is a holy temple called Rambut Siwi Temple. People who usually come for praying in there will automatically see the beautifulness of Rambut Siwi Beach. According to the local sources, there are 3.108 visitors came per year.

3. Palasari Dam

The next beautiful destination in Jembrana is Palasari Dam. Palasari Dam located in Palasari, Ekasari Village, Melaya District. This nature destination has become a beautiful place with large forest as the background. The atmosphere is really cool and shady. Noted there are about 3.467 visitors who come to this place annually.

4. Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach located in Medewi Village, Pekutatan District. It is about 72 kilometers from Denpasar. Medewi Beach is the right place for you who like surfing because of the long wave. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset scene, so, after surfing you can relax your body while watching the sunset with your family or your beloved one.

5. Prehistoric Museum

Prehistoric Museum in Gilimanuk, Jembrana, Bali is a tourism object that you have to visit because of the uniqueness. Local people in there are also very kind to the visitor. In there you will see many ancient relics from prehistoric times and human skeleton. Visiting this museum could be refreshing and educating in the same time. This prehistoric museum also very suitable for educating children. Not just that, this is also a favorite place for researchers to dig up the information about life in the past. There are many collections from prehistoric era (perundagian) in 600 era until 800 era, such as jewelry made from stone, jar, bronze, jug, bowl, trowel, sarcophagus, and many more.
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6. Gumbrih Water Park

Gumbrih Water Park located in Gumbrih Village, Pekutatan, Jembrana Regency, Bali. This is an interesting tourism object due to the combination of the beautiful Pangyangan River with green coconut along the river. The visitor can enjoy the river by “jukung” (it is a small bamboo boat) powered by machine that is driven by a professional local people. The distance is about two kilometers away with a stop point at the bridge which is the border of Pangyang and Gumbrih. While enjoying the beautiful scene, you can also see a variety of wildlife such as Kokoan Bird and Lizard. That unique things make this place become a spot of photography. Not just the river, you will find rice fields aside the road and bamboo forest. For you who like fishing, you can catch red snapper, shrimp and crab with your bare hand. You can also see the glimpse of the fish that swim near the surface of the water. 

7. Recreational Park Tirta Samudra Dlod Brawah

The development of Jembrana is mostly the beach. Therefore, the beach in Bumi Mekepung started to be managed and styled. One of the recreational park that already running and finished to the first stage is Tirta Samudra Dlod Brawah. It features a sea-water pool and claimed as the first sea-water pool in public places. The sea-water pool located aside the Dlod Brawah Beach, consist of an adult pool and a children pool which is a new alternative to visit. The pool facilities include place to rinse and take shower after playing in the sea-water pool.

8. West Bali National Park

West Bali National Park as a natural preservation area, can be utilized for education, research, recreation and support cultivation. The typical of the West Bali National Park is you can see Jalak Bali (Leucopsar rothschildi) that can live wildly on in West Bali National Park. Administratively, West Bali National Park located in Jembrana and Buleleng of Bali. 

Some types of vegetation is dominated by plants of the mangrove forest, it is Mangrove (Rhizophora SP). Savanna vegetation dominated by Borassus flaberier, rainforest, jungle season which is dominated by Acasia Leucophloea.

Some of the wild animals that can be observed in West Bali National Park are Jalak Bali (Leucospar rothschildi), Bull (Bos javanicus), Deer (Muntiacus muntjak), Mouse Deer (Tragulus javanicus), Jungle Cat (Felis bengalensis), Grey Ape (Macaca fascicularis), Black Ape (Presbytis criscata), White Starling (Stunus melanopterus), Terucuk (Pycnonotus goiavier), Kepodang (Oriolus chinensis), Shrimp (Halcyon chloris).

9. Bunut Bolong

Bunut Bolong located in Manggisari Village, Pekutatan, Jembrana. It is about 49 kilometers to the east from Negara Regency and about 86 kilometers from Denpasar City. Bunut Bolong is a big Bunut tree that grow above the highway. Bolong means a hole, so if you pass the highway you will see a big tree above you and you pass it through the hole. The interesting thing is along the highway, you will see many clove trees. There is also a temple called Bujangga Sakti for local Hindu people to pray.

10. Baluk Rening Beach

Baluk Rening Beach located in Baluk Village, Negara, Jembrana Regency. Visitors mostly come to this beach when weekend. Not only a tourism object, local people also believe that if you soak your body and burying your body in the sand, it can heal some diseases such as rheumatism. The wave in this beach is calm, so it is the best place for you to relax your body, let your children play without any worries, and enjoy the beautiful scene of Jembrana.

Well, if you come to Bali, at least you have to travel around Bali. Jembrana is a quite and not too crowded regency. For you who want to escape from the hustle of the city, you can definitely visit Jembrana.

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