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The Interesting Tourism Object in East Side of Bali

The Interesting Tourism Object in East Side of Bali

1. Candidasa

Rather than on the south side, Bali island also has many tourism object on the east side of the island, let us take a look at Candidasa. Candidasa is one of the most visiting place in Karangasem.

Located in Bugbug area, Karangasem Regency. Candidasa is a really beautiful beach with black sand, so you can enjoy the panorama while swimming, diving, or snorkeling. At first, Candidasa is the name of a temple, Candidasa Temple, which is located on a small hill and was built in 12 M.

candidasa is quite far from Denpasar City, that is why Candidasa is not too crowded like the other beach. Many visitors will stay there for long time because the location is really relaxing. Some people also said that Candidasa area is like a resort area.

There are many hotels from the lowest until the highest class, cafes, bars, and restaurants. Most of the tourism object in eastern Bali yet have international standard hotels and for visitors who want to get a five-star hotel in eastern Bali, the right choice is Candidasa.

The other interesting thing is you can watch the sunrise and sunset at the sampe place. You do not have to go to the other place 
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2. Bukit Asah

Bukit Asah
Bukit Asah
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Do you feel bored with the noisy atmosphere in the city? If yes, you can go to Bukit Asah. Bukit Asah will gives you the beautiful combination scene of ocean and mountain. In Bukit Asan you can do many things such as camping while enjoying the beautiful sunrise from the top of the mountain.

3. Telaga Waja River

If you want to try something extreme, you have to try the watersport at Telaga Waja River. One of the famous watersport in there is rafting. It will take about two hours so you will definitely be satisfied with the adventure. Along the river, you will see the beautiful scene of nature, and also you will find a waterfall there. Amazing!

4. Agung Mountain

Agung Mountain
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For your information, Mount Agung is the highest mount in Bali. You can go to Agung Mount and do some hiking or tracking. The height of Mount Agung is about 3.021 meters. On the foot of the Mount Agung, you will find the mother temple in Bali, Besakih Temple. If you like a spiritual trip, then you can visit Besakih Temple.
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5. Taman Ujung and Tirta Gangga.

Karangasem Regency has two historical places that already famous in foreign countries, it is Taman Ujung and Taman Tirta Gangga. Both of the garden was built by the King of Karangasem. It is famous because of its beautifulness and also the history behind it.

6. The Friendly Village, Sangkam Gunung Village

Do you want to visit the old village in Karangasem? Try to visit Sangkam Gunung Village and feel the friendliness of the villagers. You will see the activities of the villagers with beautiful background of Mount Agung.

7. Virgin Beach

This beach has a different atmosphere from the other beach in Bali. You have to visit Perasi Beach or people know it as Virgin Beach. From the name, we know that the beach is still “virgin” and very natural because located behind Bukit Asah.

8. Padang Bay Beach

If you still curious with under water scene, you can go to Padang Bay Beach and feel it. When you arrived, you will see a very beautiful beach and if you want more, you can do snorkeling or diving by renting the material that you need.
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