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10 Tourism Objects in Jembrana Bali

1. Perancak Beach
First of the list in Perancak Beach. Local people in Jembrana usually use this beach to held Sampan Dayung Competition. This traditional competition is usually done as a series of Indonesian Anniversary. In Perancak Beach, there is also a place for the preservation sea turtles called “Kurma Asih”, because the climate of the beach is suitable for the turtle. From various sources, there were local and foreign tourist who visit Perancak Beach reached almost 2.684 people per year.  2. Rambut Siwi Beach
Rambut Siwi Beach located in Yehembang Village, Mendoyo District is one of the famous places in Jembrana. In this beach, there is a holy temple called Rambut Siwi Temple. People who usually come for praying in there will automatically see the beautifulness of Rambut Siwi Beach. According to the local sources, there are 3.108 visitors came per year.

3. Palasari Dam
The next beautiful destination in Jembrana is Palasari Dam. Palasari Dam located in Palasari, Ekasari Vil…

The Water Palace in Bali, Taman Ujung Karangasem

Taman Ujung Karangasem or well known as Taman Ujung Sukasada is a tourism object in the East side of Bali which is quite popular to foreigner and also domestic visitors. When holiday season, there are many visitors come there to spend their time with family. This place is quite similar with Taman Ayun Bali in Mengwi.  Taman Ujung located in the edge of Karangasem Regency, near by the beach. Instead of recreation place, Taman Ujung is also a place to do photography for wedding. Many photographers and also couples choose this place to do their prewedding shoot because the place is really beautiful. We also recommend you that thing.Taman Ujung is also a historical place, because this place was built by the King of Karangasem when Bali still headed by King in each area. 
What you can find in Taman Ujung Karangasem?
Taman Ujung Karangasem located di Tumbu Village, Karangasem Regency. The purpose of this place when the first time is a place for Kings to take a rest. At Dutch East Indies e…

The Interesting Tourism Object in East Side of Bali

1. Candidasa
Rather than on the south side, Bali island also has many tourism object on the east side of the island, let us take a look at Candidasa. Candidasa is one of the most visiting place in Karangasem. Located in Bugbug area, Karangasem Regency. Candidasa is a really beautiful beach with black sand, so you can enjoy the panorama while swimming, diving, or snorkeling. At first, Candidasa is the name of a temple, Candidasa Temple, which is located on a small hill and was built in 12 M. candidasa is quite far from Denpasar City, that is why Candidasa is not too crowded like the other beach. Many visitors will stay there for long time because the location is really relaxing. Some people also said that Candidasa area is like a resort area. There are many hotels from the lowest until the highest class, cafes, bars, and restaurants. Most of the tourism object in eastern Bali yet have international standard hotels and for visitors who want to get a five-star hotel in eastern Bali, the…

One of Bali Aga villages in Bali, Tenganan Village

Tenganan is a traditional village in Bali. The village located in Manggis, Karangasem Regency on the East side of Bali island. It will take about one and half hours to get there. Tenganan village is one of the three Bali Aga villages, beside Trunyan village and Sembiran village. Bali Aga is a village that still maintain their traditional culture, the governance refers to the traditional rules from their ancestors. Such as the building, the replacement of the building, the location of the temple was made by following the traditional rules.

The History of Tenganan Village 
According to some version of history, word “Tenganan” come from word “ngatengahang” which mean “moving into the deeper place”. That word means the movement of the villagers from coastal area to the residential area in the middle of the hills, named Bukit Kauh (West Hill) and Bukit Kangin (East Hill). Another history said that the Tenganan people came from Peneges Village, Gianyar, that formerly named Bedahulu. The ki…

The Cleanest Village in Bali, Penglipuran Village.

Penglipuran is one of the traditional villages in Bali, which is located in Kelurahan Kubu, Bangli. It will take about 1 hour 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

The History of Penglipuran Village
According to the local people in the village, word “Penglipuran” taken from word “Pengeling Pura” which is mean memory of the ancestors. The local people in Penglipuran village are very respect with their ancestors. The characteristic of the village is the traditional architecture which have same shape especially the roof and also the placement of the room. The function is to make the relationship between the villager closer, not only between the locals but also become closer with nature.

In General
This village had been awarded the Kalpataru by the government. Kalpataru itself is an award that given for individual or group for the contribution in preserving the environment in Indonesia. Instead of Kalpataru, Penglipuran village also received a tittle as an official tourist de…

The Interesting Place, Kebun Raya Bali, Bedugul Bali

The Location Kebun Raya Bali or Kebun Raya “Eka Karya” Bali is a wide and large botanical garden or tropical botanical garden in Bali. Located in Candi Kuning Village, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency, in the middle of Bali Island. It is about 56 kilometers away from Denpasar City. Kebun Raya Bali was built in 15th of July 1959, by the son of Indonesia and manage by Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI). Many kind of floras grow there. Instead of research and development of various plants, Kebun Raya Bali is also a place for you who want to enjoy the freshness of Bali with a very comfort atmosphere. Many visitors come here to enjoy the beautiful scene and relaxing. Why the air is really fresh? Because Kebun Raya Bali located in the Bedugul mountain area with about a height between 1250-1450 above the sea level, 157.5 hectare of gardens, the temperature during the day between 17o-25oC and at night between 10o-15oC. Because of the weather in there sometimes can’t be predicted, so you hav…

Things you Should Know About Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple located in Braban Village, Kediri, Tabanan Regency. It is about 1 hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport and about 45 minutes from Kuta. In there, you will see an amazing temple above a big rock in the middle of the sea. Why the temple is really beautiful? Because when the tide come, the temple will be surrounded by the sea water, look like a small island. Many visitors come here to see the beautiful scene especially the sunset. 
Legend said, the temple was founded by a Brahmin who was hunting from Java Island. His name is Danghyang Nirartha, who has succeeded to reassure the people in Bali and become Hindu. He was also succeed in building Sad Khayangan in about 16th era. At that time, the commander of Tanah Lot named Bendesa Beraben felt envy because Danghyang Nirartha could make his followers left him and turned to follow Nirartha. After that, Bendesa Beraben ordered Nirartha to go from Tanah Lot. But, before Nirartha left Tanah Lot, he moved a huge rock, placed…

10 Objects and Cultural Destinations in Singaraja Bali

In North Bali, there are many object tourisms that you have to visit. As well as natural tourism, historical tourism, marine tourism, and educational tourism. Here is the 10 favorite objects in Buleleng Regency.
The Grave of Jaya Prana and Layon Sari The Grave located in the forest area Teluk Terima, Sumber Klampok Village, Grokgak, Singaraja. It is about 67 kilometers from the city. This grave is a building of romantic but also tragic story of Jaya Prana and Layon Sari in the Wanakeling Kalianget Kingdom. The beauty of Layon Sari caused the king fell in love and with his power, he killed Jaya Prana. Layon Sari decided to kill herself and follow her husband because she didn’t want to marry the king. Every full moon, and the other holy days many people come to the grave and pray. 
Menjangan Island Menjangan Island located in Sumber Klampok Village, Grokgak, Singaraja. It is about 76 kilometers from the city. The island is a small island without any population with 175 hectares. If y…

10 Object Tourism in Ubud Which You Have to Visit

In Bali, you can find ton of object tourism, not only domestic visitor who like to come to Ubud as their favorite place but also foreign tourist. Ubud is famous with it’s atmosphere, it is still traditional, beautiful, and fresh. You can find many many objects in Ubud and that will give you an amazing experience.
UBUD MONKEY FOREST Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the famous places in Ubud. Ubud Monkey Forest is a protected forest area, there are sacred temples for Balinese people, especially Hindu. Ubud Monkey Forest located in Mokey Forest Street, Ubub. With postal code 80571. If you come here, you will be treated by the cool fresh air and pollution free, complete with high green trees. At 2p.m. is the best time to visit because the monkeys are quite tame and does not too aggressive when they saw foods that you hold, but still you have to be careful. 
TREKKING DAY TOURS For you who love adventure and want to see Bali in different way, join this day tour is the right choice. You can fo…

10 Beautiful Waterfalls that You Can Find in Bali

Not only beaches that you can find in Bali, but also many beautiful waterfalls. Actually, there are some waterfalls that already famous like Tukad Unda, Gitgit, and also Tegenungan. But this is Bali, there are many beautiful secrets inside it. So here is 10 beautiful waterfalls in Bali. 
Tegenungan Waterfall Tegenungan Waterfall is the nearest waterfall from Denpasar. It is about 16 kilometers or 30 minutes from Denpasar. The location is in Kemenuh Village, Sukawati, Gianyar. This waterfall is a part of Tukad Petanu River. The height is about 4 meters but the volume is quite high. If you want to visit this waterfall, you have to fight with hundred stairs. But the scene and the freshness of the water will pay you back. 
Dusun Kuning Waterfall  Dusun Kuning Waterfall is a waterfall that maybe not known by many people. That’s because the location is not accessible and we need to work hard to get there. To get to the waterfall, we need to go down along the cliff and when the rainy season…