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Friday, March 31, 2017

Galungan Tradition in Bali

The day of Galungan, celebrated by Hindu in every 210 days, using the calculation of the Balinese calendar in Buddha Kliwon Dungulan (Rabu Kliwon wuku Dungulan) as the day of victory of Dharma (righteousness) against Adharma (evil). 

Hindu's pray for galungan day
The Series of the Galungan

Tumpek Wariga

Saniscara (Saturday) Kliwon wuku Wariga is called Tumpek Wariga or Tumpek Bubuh or Tumpek Pengatag or Tumpek Pengarah in 25 days before Galungan. In Tumpek Wariga, Ista Dewata who we worshipped called Sang Hyang Sangkara as the God of prosperity and safety of herbs. People will celebrate it with giving some offerings ….in many colors, such as:

Bubuh Putih (white) for tubers

Bubuh Bang (red) for fields

Bubuh Gadang (green) for trees breeds generative

Bubuh Kuning (yellow) for trees breeds vegetative

In Tumpek Wariga, people will spread the holy water (tirta) to all of the trees that got from temple and also with the offerings. Once that is done, then the owner of the tree will read some mantras for the tree hoping that they will grow big and give many fruits. 

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Sugihan Jawa

Sugihan Jawa comes from two word, Sugi and Jawa. Sugi means clean or holy and Jawa means outside. So, the meaning of Sugihan Jawa is a day to clean everything outside your body or in Hindu we call it Bhuana Agung. In this day, people in Bali will do a celebration called Mererebu or Mererebon. This celebration held to neutralize every negative thing outside our body symbolized by cleaning our family temple and our home. About the offering, people will give some offerings according to their ability. Usually, in the temple area, people would make Grilled Pork. After the ceremony finished, the grilled pork will be distributed to all of the villager. Sugihan Jawa celebrated every Thursday Wage wuku Sungsang. 

Sugihan Bali

Sugihan Bali means that the purification or cleaning inside your body or Hindu call it Bhuana Alit. The procedure of the celebration is bathing, clean your physical body, and beg for Tirta Gocara (holy water) to the Sulinggih as a cleansing symbolic of the soul to welcome the big day, Galungan. Sugihan Bali celebrated every Friday Kliwon wuku Sungsang. 

Penyekeban Day

Penyekeban day means to keep our five sense or in Hindu we call it “nyekeb indriya”. Do not do things that are not allowed by religion. The Penyekeban day celebrated every Sunday Pahing wuku Dungulan.

Penyajahan Day

Penyajahan comes from word Saja that in Balinese means true and serious. Penyajahan day has a philosophy to solidify yourself in order to celebrate Galungan. According to our belief, on this day, people will be seduced by the Sang Bhuta Dungulan to test the extent of your self-control to step closer towards the Galungan day. This day celebrated every Monday Pon wuku Dungulan. 

Penampahan Day

The day before the big day, Galungan, in Tuesday Wage wuku Dungulan, we celebrate Penampahan day. On this day, Hindu people will be busy making all the stuff that will be needed on the next day. The man will make penjor and lawar. Penjor is a thing that made from bamboo and we will decorate it with fruits and Balinese snacks according to the rules. It is a symbolized of a dragon upside down. It made as an expression of gratitude to the God Almighty for all the grace. Not only Penjor, we will also make Lawar. Lawar is made from pork that with the traditional Balinese seasoning called “base genep”. Before we could make lawar, of course we have to kill the pig first and that is a symbolic to kill all of your animalistic lust inside your body or your soul. Hindu in Bali believe that on the day of Penampahan, our ancestors would come to our house, that is why we have to make a special offering consist of rice, side dishes, dessert, fruit, coffe, water, lekesan (it is a betel leaf with areca nut inside) or smoke. We will also make all of the offerings that we will bring to the temple in our village for the next day.

Galungan Day

In the morning, people will start this big day from praying at home and also the temple on the home area. The most famous tradition that we will find is there will be many Hindu people come to their village for praying especially people who work outside their village or even abroad. For people who have family members who are still buried, then they have to bring a special offering to the graveyard. There will be many celebration in every village in Bali. you will see many canangs, fruits, and people gathered on the one place. We will walk from temple to temple and on the edge of the road will be decorated with the beautiful penjor. It is such a really great time with a family atmosphere spread along. 

Umanis Galungan

On Umanis Galungan, we will pray again at home and continued with visiting our relatives or recreation area. We will be gathered in our old house with the big family. We will talk to each other or we will go to the recreation place and you have to be aware that all the recreation place in Bali will be crowded in this day. 

That is what Hindu people do to celebrate Galungan day from the beginning until the end. One thing that I have to emphasize is every village in Bali has their own way to celebrate this big day according to their own belief. Well, you will find many unique ceremony in each village not only in Galungan. That is why you have to visit Bali!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Kingdom in Mengwi, Taman Ayun Temple

Why it called Taman Ayun Temple?

The Kingdom in Mengwi, Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun Temple already existed since 1634M.

Be named Pura Taman Ahyun, taken from word “Taman” means garden dan “Ahyun” from word “Hyun” means wish. So Taman Ayun Temple means a temple that built in a garden surrounded by pools that can make your wish come true. But the meaning of Ayun is little bit different from Hyun. Word “Ayun” means beautiful. So Taman Ayun means a garden that really beautiful. 

The development history of Taman Ayun Temple.

Taman Ayun Temple was built in 7th era, exactly started from 1632. And finished in 1634 by the king of Mengwi Kingdom, I Gusti Agung Putu, which have known as Mangapura Kingdom. Under the construction of Taman Ayun Temple, the king was helped by a Chinese architect from Banyuwangi named Ing Khang Ghoew, also often called I Kaco, means the partner of the king. Taman Ayun Temple is a Family Temple for Mengwi Kingdom. At first, this temple built because at that time the distance of the temple was too far to reach by the people in Mengwi. And the king decided to build some buildings as penyawangan (symbol) of 9 main temple in Bali, such as Besakih, Ulundanu Temple, Batur Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Batukaru Temple, and the others.

What can you find there?

The atmosphere in Taman Ayun Temple is really relaxing, watching the greatness of the temple with reliefs from the kingdom era. At least, there are 10 Meru buildings, the highest until 11 levels. This temple surrounded by big pool, make it looks like afloat. The area of the temple about 4 hectares, decorated with many kind of flowers and fruit trees because in the past, this temple is a garden. 


The Kingdom in Mengwi, Taman Ayun Temple
In Taman Ayun Temple, there are 4 places, first place called “Jaba”. In Jaba there is a very large yard and a lake around the temple. This lake was made by local people about 5 meters width with lotus, and when it blooms, it is very beautiful. 

To get to the middle of the temple, there a small bridge to cross the lake. Right in the edge of the bridge, there is Candi Bentar as a main entrance to the Pelataran Taman Ayun.


You will enter the Nista Mandala of Taman Ayun Temple which is in the right side there is a building called Wantilan by Balinese people. In this place there is usually a meeting place or “paruman” and also be a place for Balinese dance and gamelan performance. In the other side, there is a pool that spouting water into 9 direction. This pool also surrounded by the other statue. 


Madya Mandala, there is “Bale Kulkul”. It is a big tower with about 15 meters and inside of it there is a “kulkul”. Kulkul is a big cudgel with about 1 meter height and made from special wood. Kulkul placed at the high tower because when there is something to inform and we need all the people to come, we hit the kulkul so all of them can hear the sounds. Every rhythm has different meaning, so when they hit the kulkul people will know what is it about. If you are allowed to go to the Bale Kulkul, from up there you can see the whole scene of Taman Ayun Temple.


Utama Mandala is a place for praying, and in the inside you will see many kind of “meru”. This temple is special from the other temples in Bali is because it has eleven “meru”. The “meru” was built to pray for the nobles at that time, but “meru” in Taman Ayun Temple can be worshiped by all Hindu people. 

Taman Ayun located in Mengwi Village, Mengwi, Badung Regency.It takes about 30 minutes from Denpasar City. But if you from Singaraja, probably after enjoying Lovina Beach, you will need 2 hours to get there.

The Kingdom in Mengwi, Taman Ayun Temple

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Things you Should Know About Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple
Source: putubalitourguide

Tanah Lot Temple located in Braban Village, Kediri, Tabanan Regency. It is about 1 hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport and about 45 minutes from Kuta. In there, you will see an amazing temple above a big rock in the middle of the sea. Why the temple is really beautiful? Because when the tide come, the temple will be surrounded by the sea water, look like a small island. Many visitors come here to see the beautiful scene especially the sunset. 

Legend said, the temple was founded by a Brahmin who was hunting from Java Island. His name is Danghyang Nirartha, who has succeeded to reassure the people in Bali and become Hindu. He was also succeed in building Sad Khayangan in about 16th era. At that time, the commander of Tanah Lot named Bendesa Beraben felt envy because Danghyang Nirartha could make his followers left him and turned to follow Nirartha. After that, Bendesa Beraben ordered Nirartha to go from Tanah Lot. But, before Nirartha left Tanah Lot, he moved a huge rock, placed it in the middle of the sea and built a temple. He also changed his shawl into a snake and the snake become the guard of the temple. 

Until now, the snake still stay there to protect the temple. The characteristic of the snake is, it has a flat tail like a fish, black with yellow stripes. Finally Bendesa Beraben felt shy, he changed his mind, and started to follow of Nirartha. 

Tanah Lot was built to protect Bali from any danger and threat. Tanah Lot Temple is a temple to pray for the god of the sea. 

When you come to Tanah Lot Temple, please make sure you wear common clothes and be careful when you speak because the area of the temple is really holy. Around the Tanah Lot Temple you also will find another temple such as Batu Mejang Temple and Batu Bolong Temple.

Tanah Lot Temple Location: