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The Interesting Tourism Object in East Side of Bali

The Interesting Tourism Object in East Side of Bali

1. Candidasa

Rather than on the south side, Bali island also has many tourism object on the east side of the island, let us take a look at Candidasa. Candidasa is one of the most visiting place in Karangasem. Located in Bugbug area, Karangasem Regency. Candidasa is a really beautiful beach with black sand, so you can enjoy the panorama while swimming, diving, or snorkeling. At first, Candidasa is the name of a temple, Candidasa Temple, which is located on a small hill and was built in 12 M. candidasa is quite far from Denpasar City, that is why Candidasa is not too crowded like the other beach. Many visitors will stay there for long time because the location is really relaxing. Some people also said that Candidasa area is like a resort area. There are many hotels from the lowest until the highest class, cafes, bars, and restaurants. Most of the tourism object in eastern Bali yet have international standard hotels and for visitors who want to get a five-star hotel in eastern Bali, the right choice is Candidasa. The other interesting thing is you can watch the sunrise and sunset at the sampe place. You do not have to go to the other place 
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2. Bukit Asah

Bukit Asah
Bukit Asah
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Do you feel bored with the noisy atmosphere in the city? If yes, you can go to Bukit Asah. Bukit Asah will gives you the beautiful combination scene of ocean and mountain. In Bukit Asan you can do many things such as camping while enjoying the beautiful sunrise from the top of the mountain.

3. Telaga Waja River

If you want to try something extreme, you have to try the watersport at Telaga Waja River. One of the famous watersport in there is rafting. It will take about two hours so you will definitely be satisfied with the adventure. Along the river, you will see the beautiful scene of nature, and also you will find a waterfall there. Amazing!

4. Agung Mountain

Agung Mountain
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For your information, Mount Agung is the highest mount in Bali. You can go to Agung Mount and do some hiking or tracking. The height of Mount Agung is about 3.021 meters. On the foot of the Mount Agung, you will find the mother temple in Bali, Besakih Temple. If you like a spiritual trip, then you can visit Besakih Temple.
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5. Taman Ujung and Tirta Gangga.

Karangasem Regency has two historical places that already famous in foreign countries, it is Taman Ujung and Taman Tirta Gangga. Both of the garden was built by the King of Karangasem. It is famous because of its beautifulness and also the history behind it.

6. The Friendly Village, Sangkam Gunung Village

Do you want to visit the old village in Karangasem? Try to visit Sangkam Gunung Village and feel the friendliness of the villagers. You will see the activities of the villagers with beautiful background of Mount Agung.

7. Virgin Beach

This beach has a different atmosphere from the other beach in Bali. You have to visit Perasi Beach or people know it as Virgin Beach. From the name, we know that the beach is still “virgin” and very natural because located behind Bukit Asah.

8. Padang Bay Beach

If you still curious with under water scene, you can go to Padang Bay Beach and feel it. When you arrived, you will see a very beautiful beach and if you want more, you can do snorkeling or diving by renting the material that you need.

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One of Bali Aga villages in Bali, Tenganan Village

Tenganan is a traditional village in Bali. The village located in Manggis, Karangasem Regency on the East side of Bali island. It will take about one and half hours to get there. Tenganan village is one of the three Bali Aga villages, beside Trunyan village and Sembiran village. Bali Aga is a village that still maintain their traditional culture, the governance refers to the traditional rules from their ancestors. Such as the building, the replacement of the building, the location of the temple was made by following the traditional rules.
Desa Adat Tenganan
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The History of Tenganan Village 

According to some version of history, word “Tenganan” come from word “ngatengahang” which mean “moving into the deeper place”. That word means the movement of the villagers from coastal area to the residential area in the middle of the hills, named Bukit Kauh (West Hill) and Bukit Kangin (East Hill). Another history said that the Tenganan people came from Peneges Village, Gianyar, that formerly named Bedahulu. The king of Bedahulu lost one of his horses and his soldier looked for it to the East. But the horse was found dead by Ki Patih Tunjung Biru, the King’s confidant. Because of his loyalty, Ki Patih Tunjung Biru obtain the authority to regukate an area that has a bad smell because of the dead horse. Ki Patih got a quite large area he cut the dead horse and threw it as far as he could do. And that area is the origin of Tenganan Village area. 

The Unique Things that You Could Find in Tenganan Village : 

The Marriage System 

Instead of an object tourism, Tenganan Village has many interesting uniqueness to see and be understood. From the social system in Tenganan Village, the villagers is purely a native villager. That is because of the marriage system. It is the parental system which is the women and men in the family, have same degree and the same right in the family. It is different from the other villages in Bali. Meanwhile, they also implemented the endogamy system. It means all of the villagers should obey the awig-awig (rules), that they have to get married with the other villagers from the Tenganan Village, and when they violated the rules, they have to get out from the Tenganan Village. 

Mekare-kare Tradition 

Another interesting yet unique thing is Mekare-kare Tradition of mostly known as Perang Pandan. Mekare-kare is the big part of procession called Ngusaba Sambah that held every June and lasts for 30 days. Every one month, Mekare-kare held for 2-4 times and they had to make offerings for their ancestors. Mekare-kare or Perang Pandan tradition held just for the men. Perang means war and Pandan means pandan leaves. The men used the pandan leaves that already cut about 30 cm as a weapon and a shield to deflect the attack from the rival and from the sharp thorn of the pandan leaves. The wounds that caused by the thorn would heal by the traditional medicine that made from turmeric, galangal, and other herbs. 

Double Ikat Gringsing 

There is one unique thing that only exist in Tenganan Village, and the only one in Indonesia. It is Double Ikat Gringsing. “Gringsing” derived from word “gering” that means disaster, and “sing” means not. So Gringsing means a thing to avoid disaster. The process in making Gringsing is really unique because it takes quite long time to make it (until three years). That is why Gringsing is a rare thing, difficult to find and also it is pretty expensive. Gringsing is a must have thing for the villagers in Tenganan Village because it is a part of every tradition, such as Ngaben and Potong Gigi. Many people said that Gringsing made from human blood and that is the reason why red dominating the colour of Gringsing. But the fact is it made from the juices of certain wood and hazelnut seeds that are mixed to dye the Gringsing. 

The people in Tenganan Village hold the concept of Tri Hita Karana (the concept of teaching in Hindu) and apply this in their daily life. Tri means three and Hita Karana means cause happiness to achieve balance and harmony. Tri Hita Karana consist of Parahyangan (a balance relationship between human and God), Pawongan (harmonious relationship among human), and Palemahan (harmonious relationship between human and nature).

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The Cleanest Village in Bali, Penglipuran Village.

Penglipuran is one of the traditional villages in Bali, which is located in Kelurahan Kubu, Bangli. It will take about 1 hour 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

The History of Penglipuran Village

According to the local people in the village, word “Penglipuran” taken from word “Pengeling Pura” which is mean memory of the ancestors. The local people in Penglipuran village are very respect with their ancestors. The characteristic of the village is the traditional architecture which have same shape especially the roof and also the placement of the room. The function is to make the relationship between the villager closer, not only between the locals but also become closer with nature.
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In General

This village had been awarded the Kalpataru by the government. Kalpataru itself is an award that given for individual or group for the contribution in preserving the environment in Indonesia. Instead of Kalpataru, Penglipuran village also received a tittle as an official tourist destination by the Bangli District Government in 1955. Since that, many tourists come to the village. In Penglipuran village, the villager always care to each other, kind, and work together, that atmosphere makes who come to the village feel really comfortable. The uniqueness of the village is, the villager always keep their village clean, that is why this village become the cleanest village in Bali and also one of the cleanest village in the world. The North side of the village, there is Penataran Temple and the location in higher than the other building.

The interesting things that you will find in Penglipuran Village :

The Rules

Instead of being respectful of each other, this village also really respect the women. There are rules that forbids men to marry more than one woman or polygamy. If a man caught doing that, he would be ostracized by the villager. This village also has a rule for thief. If they were caught, they have to make offerings that contain five chickens in different colour in four temples of their ancestors. In this way, all the villagers will know who is stealing and of course the thieves will feel shame of what they have done. That is the general information about Penglipuran village.


In Penglipuran village there is one special dance, Baris Dance. Baris Dance rarely displayed and only presented when the sacred ceremony held in the village. The dance will be accompanied by sacred gamelan and played by Sekaa Gong Gede Desa Adat Penglipuran (it is a special group for playing the gamelan).

Ngaben Ceremony

Actually the funeral tradition in Penglipuran is same like the other village in Bali, but the difference here is if most of the village burnt the corps, in Penglipuran they buried the corps. According to our analyzed, this tradition is for a respect and also a way to decrease the bad possibilities because the area of Penglipuran is near by the mountain area, far from the sea. As we know, the ashes that have been burnt should be discarded into the ocean, and in Balinese tradition keeping the corps is a forbidden thing so the best solution is buried.

What you can find in Penglipuran Village?

Tugu Pahlawan (Hero Monument)

This monument was built in 1959 to commemorate the Revolutionary War in Bangli that led by Captain Anak Agung Anom Muditha which is located on the southern area of Penglipuran village. The monument is about 1.5 hectares with Balinese style building with a hall called Cura Yudha, it is a place for certain activities and also the parking area. Tugu Pahlawan in Penglipuran become a symbol of Captain Anak Agung Anom Muditha that fall against the Dutch on 20th November 1947. The entire monument is manage by the local people of the village.

Bamboo Forest

The area of the village is about 112 hectares, and 40% of the village is a bamboo forest. The village inhabited by about 226 families who mostly work as farmers, artisan’s bamboo, and animal husbandry. The bamboo area is really large, but not all the villager can cut down the bamboo. They have to ask for the permission from the head of the village. Every six months, they will cut the bamboo and the plant the new one. Usually they cut the old bamboo and use it for the benefit of the village such as to build some temples, the roof of the houses, to build bale banjar (it is a place to gather in Bali).

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The Unique Funeral Tradition in Bali, Trunyan Village

Bali has many destinations that always has a different uniqueness from the other tourist destinations. One of the famous tourist destination because of its uniqueness is Trunyan Bangli. Why? Not because of the place, but because the funeral tradition for people who have died there. In general, a funeral in Bali was implemented by the way of burial and burning (cremation), and also must be held a “pengabenan” ceremony.

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But it is different from another villages. The village touted as the oldest village in Bali. It is carrying out the funeral only to put the corpse in a special place called “Sema Wayah”. Although there are many corpses were laid out just like that, you will not feel any bad odor. This might look unusual, but that is the reality. Trunyan village located on the west side of Batur Lake and close to the Mount Batur. Trunyan village has been recognized by domestic tourists and foreign countries as a unique tourist destination in Bali.

To get to the “Sema Wayah”, the funeral place in Trunyan village, there are 2 ways. First track is a land route and the second is by the lake. If by land, it will take about 45 minutes to pass through the Penelokan village. If you want to go through the lake, there are also two ways more. Through the Trunyan village that will take about 15 minutes or you can go from Kedisan dock and will take about 45 minutes. But we recommend you to take the lake way from Trunyan village. It is easy for you who want to get there. You can rent a boat in Kedisan Dock, Batur Lake to go to the Trunyan Village.

When you arrived at “Sema Wayah”, you will see two temples which contain rows of skulls and a place to put coins for tourists. There is a huge tree called “Taru Menyan”.

Additionally, Trunyan Village has some interesting facts that you have to know before you visit Trunyan.

1. “Trunyan” is a name of a funeral.

Apparently, Trunyan is a unique funeral name in Trunyan Village. Generally a funeral always about coffin or shroud. But, it is different in Trunyan Village. Someone who died there were just left lying on the ground, and the family just need to make a simple fence from bamboo and offerings next to the corpse.

2. The human corpse who buried there are not smelly.

Logically, the corpse that buried in the open are and placed just like that will cause a bad odor, but in Trunyan Village is different and you will not be bothered by any smell. Why? It is because there is a Trunyan tree. It is a big tree stand in the middle of the funeral area. Trunyan derived from the word Taru Menyan, which is in local language “Taru” means tree and “Menyan” means fragrant. So Taru Menyan means a fragrant tree.

3. Trunyan Tree believed that has been thousand years old.

Apparently, the Trunyan Tree predicted has been thousand years old, but surprisingly, the size of the tree has not changed much. The cemetery located under the tree and the local people believe this tree could omit the stench of corpses that were buried there. So far, no research can reveal how this tree can absorb the smell of the dead body who are buried there. According to the story around the local people, in the past, the villager confused because suddenly a pungent fragrant appeared in the village and caused a cold. Then the villager found out the pungent fragrant, and it caused by the Trunyan Tree. The villager decided to neutralizing the fragrant will something smelly. That is why, the area around the tree become a funeral.

4. There are some provisions to be buried here.

Local people in there have their own terms of the cemetery, where the number of the corpses under the Trunyan Tree should not be more than 11 bodies. And also, the bodies which can placed here are those who died because of natural causes and never married. For the corpses that already become bones will be gathered with the other near the roots of the tree, so that place can be used for a new body. Another uniqueness, the corpses will be covered with “ancak”, it is a bamboo cage.

5. There is “Sema Bantas”, a funeral for those who died in the strange way.

The meaning of the strange way here is, like someone who died in the accident, suicide, of murder. The corpse cannot be placed near the Trunyan Tree, there is another place called “Sema Batas”. It is a special place for those who died in the strange way.

6. “Sema Muda” is a place for baby and children’s funeral.

Instead of “Sema Bantas”, there is also “Sema Muda”. It is a funeral for babies, children and adults who died but not married yet. The funeral places have been distinguished in accordance with the rules in Trunyan Village.

So, there are some unique facts about Trunyan Village. This village will give you unforgettable experience. You have to come to the Trunyan Village!